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Air Max Mens 90 Shoes Black White
  • Air Max Mens 90 Shoes Black White
  • Air Max Mens 90 Shoes Black White
  • Air Max Mens 90 Shoes Black White
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      Air Max Mens 90 Shoes Black White

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    Air max 90 mens was first introduced to the public in 1990. Shoes was made based on the human anatomy, with the spine of the shoe resembling the human spine and the materials intended to represent skin. It was chosen to exaggerate the thickness of the sole air cushion. Additionally, mens nike air max 90 are made of multiple materials fused together for incredibly light-weight, being able to breath durability as well as a seamless fit.


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    * Max Air For Supreme Heel Cushioning
    * High-abrasion rubber outsole offers superior durability
    * Maximum air max 90 shoes-Sole unit in heel with Phylon insert provides cushioning
    * Leather & Mesh upper delivers ultra-comfortable, durable wear
    * Multi-pressure air chamber air max shoes cushion system improved comfort to runner

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