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The favorite shoes for jodan-air jordan 11
Air Jordan 11 is the whole SNEAKER history indelible classic shoes, Selling in 1996, Jordan  have been in public more than once expressed to 11 of his generation of have a special liking.
The Air Jordan XI (11) was released in 1995/96. Jordan was back for real and he led the Bulls to yet another NBA victory. He also became the second man to ever win Most Valuable Player awards for the regular season, All-Star Game and NBA Finals in the same season. He averaged 30.4 points per game and scored 40 or more points in nine games. What a come back!
The Jordan Shoes XI was meant to stand out with a fusion of performance and style. Taken from the world of high-end mountaineering backpacks, the condura nylon upper gave the Air Jordan XI model lightweight durability. Further innovation came with the use of a carbon fiber plate on the sole of the shoe, that can be seen underneath the clear outsole, which gave the shoe exceptional torsional rigidity. The most visually distinct aspect of the shoe was its shiny patent leather mid and toebox. A material long used in the fashion industry, patent leather was extremely lightweight, when compared to genuine leather, and also tended not to stretch – a very useful property to help keep the foot within the bounds of the shoebed during quick direction nike shoes on sale changes on the court. The shiny leather gave the XI what many described as a “formal” look – a fact that many owners of the shoe took advantage of thereafter, pairing the shoe off the court with business suits in substitution for dress shoes. Boyz II Men wore black and white Air Jordan XI shoes with white suits at one of their concerts.When the Jordan 11s were retroed in 2000-2001 they would prove to become the retro that sold in the highest quantity ever and also the fastest selling Air Jordan’s of all time. The Jordan 11s were retroed in 15 colorways and sold out in every colorway!Another version of the XI’s were released on December 23, 2010 called the “Cool Grey”. It is confirmed that in December 2011, there will be a re-release of the “Concord” colorway of the 11s. There might be a release of columbias in 2012.Tag: nike air jordan 11 cheap , nike jordans 11 sale , nike air jordans 11, cheap jordan 11