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Classical Air Jordan Shoes 11
After many years, people still enjoyed claiming the perfect performance in air jordan 11, black and red color matching jordan shoes 11 gold buckle on 12 bound, by the purchase of the boom again. Many people did not know, when in 1996 the first generation of the release of the 11, the United States would have had triggered more terror of rob shoe tide. Because of the limited number of shoes start, when standing in line for hours to get even after the shoes of the right people hear the news of shoes sold out, disappointed and angry mood spreads gradually to no shoes gens. Finally, some crazy shoes made of robbery FANS act.
The police to arrest people make for trial, many people even said that as long as the can get things right, willing to take the risk of caught.jordan 11 shoes generation and can't bring first air and Chicago good fortune, in the summer of 1995, return of the late Michael Jordan and the team together with the falls in the sharks and hud has led the Orlando magic feet. It is also in the 90 s Jordan involvement with all the playoffs tour, the bulls only one was out of the game. But the following year, back in the regular season, Chicago took the unprecedented have one 72 wins 10 negative, and won the championship finals again, and opened the second three times. Then Michael foot, also is the double air jordan shoes fans the darling of the life,Nike Air Jordan 11.
In 2001, for the third time in a Washington the Jordan to the magic after the game, he will match that night in for the complex white gray and signing your name and gave prominence on the spot of the magic star Tracy McGrady. Jordan said: "this is my favorite shoes to the young man, and his performance with the shoes......" The latter McGrady is flattered, says it will keep this is like the same dream to hand nike shoes