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Run Shoes King Air Max
Nike Air Jordan in its similar series of sports shoes myth and don't have a lot of, can claim is Air Max series. And make Air Max shoes had become the myth of the series can, of course, is the leading role of this time-run king Air Max 95. Released in 1995 and Air Max 95, also appeared in for pricing than, only a few of the very at that time signature shoe money can pricing than, while they discuss why a pair of ordinary Air Max Running can have such high prices, has Air Max 95 shoes spell, bright beautiful appearance, smooth lines, and bold out-of tangfang fluorescence green color matching attracted many people's eyes, but the most special is a shoe side to in addition to traditional Nike shoe money of customary swoosh part, an unprecedented in shoes side play gradual change color, to add a Air 95 strong fashion sense, whole looks fluorescent green not only obvious enough, plus 3 M around the ornament of reflective materials, and gradual change color collocation, absolute enough qualified in the history of the lining for the Cool Running shoes.

Although pricing than, but in Japan and Hong Kong but there was rushed to buy the picture, several days that shit comprehensive break goods, Air Max 95 the upsurge of the moment of the wind of Nike hype to the top, in Hong Kong fry price highest reached 4000 have more point. But in Japan is someone because of can't buy the shoes in the streets and the absurd things sometimes occur, many Japanese cartoon have appeared in the plot, the most DuoRen known a curtain is introduced in 1996 the popularity of the comic book game king "has a set of about one of the leading role is a wild in the jelinek in harajuku a shoe store bought this pair of discount Air Max 95, out of the door immediately be a shopkeeper hired people were robbed, and" dirty "boss shoes back again to sell plot. According to the authors introduce the story and gaoqiao and that's real happened to his side, the Japanese market was visible to Air Max 95 is how crazy. Air Max 95 not only popular in urban, when even the stars all not afraid hit the embarrassment of shoes condition appear, also have gained out Air Max 95, the most magical is that one of the four major day of king Jacky cheung has put on air max 95 for sale on a singing and performing, it is the myth of the Nike running shoes, it can be imagined Air Max 95 Nike is how great to popularity and shoes